Amie & Jamie

Amie & Jamie

Amie and Jamie had a lovely country wedding in the century-old Jiggi hall.

The Couple:

Amie and Jamie already had a close, happy family unit, living in the gorgeous Jiggi valley.  They just decided that it was time they wanted to make it legal with a country wedding right in the heart of the community they love! Their gorgeous children joined them for the ceremony. They all entered together, walked down the aisle together to the cheers of friends and family, and all stood together on the stage of the beautiful Jiggi Hall as they said their vows. A truly beautiful family. Amie wore a gorgeous dress that she adorned with multi coloured scarfs around the waist. Jamie looked very smart in black jeans and a black and floral shirt. The kids were, of course, divine, all dressed up in their best outfits to see mum and dad tie the knot!

The Ceremony:

The guest list was in the vicinity of 300. Jiggi is located about half an hour north-west of Lismore, with Nimbin a further half an hour away. The community of Jiggi is close and Amie and Jamie have  many friends and family around, with many others travelling great distances to share in the day with them. The hall was packed to capacity with people hanging in through the windows to make sure they saw the proceedings! Next to the hall is a beautiful sandstone pizza oven lovingly constructed by the Jiggi locals. It certainly had a good workout during the day with all sorts of scrumptuous foods being cooked in there. The following 3 day party had guests camping or staying in nearby guest accommodation. Bands played, food and wine were plentiful, and a great time was had by all. I have many happy memories of Jiggi, having been a resident there for a few years myself. This was definitely one special Jiggi memory that I will keep with me forever!

Thank you, Jamie, Amie and the wonderful Jiggi community for such a special day. I was honoured and humbled to be a part of it.

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