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Vows with a Wow



From simple Elopements, to Vows with a Wow!


(a.k.a adventure elopements!)





2024: Mondays-Thursdays $850
Fridays-Sundays $1200


2025: Mondays-Thursdays $950
fridays-sundays $1300


Perhaps the big wedding shindig isn’t really your thing. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting away and eloping on the beach, on a clifftop, on horseback or in a luxury penthouse suite (ask me where!)


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OK, and now for something completely different- and adventure elopement!!



Eloping and looking for a bit of an adventure ceremony? You’ve come to the right place! With all these activities on offer in Byron Bay, your marriage can be one that combines your love of adrenaline with your love for your partner- and no one can accuse you of having a run- of- the mill wedding ceremony!

Kayaking Marriage

Goseakayak in Byron Bay along with me are excited to offer you a kayaking marriage! Byron Bay is home to a residential group of an estimated 100 bottlenose dolphins. Goseakayak says they are fortunate enough to see dolphins on most of their tours out at sea, and if you’re really lucky and it’s the right time of year, maybe you can see whales as well!

hot air balloon wedding ceremony

Hot Air Ballooning Marriage

Fly high above the Northern Rivers at sunrise and say your vows in the romance of a hot air balloon flight. Have the whole basket for yourselves, your witnesses, your celebrant, and the pilot! For intrepid couples only! The panorama of the Byron Bay hinterland spreads out before you as you see the world in a whole new way, and pledge yourselves to each other whilst enjoying this incredible experience. Take a look at this time lapse of Steve & Serica’s ceremony that I did for them in 2023 https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cqt_3jLJKUY/

Scuba Diving Marriage

A scuba boat (chartered just for you) will take you to Julian Rocks in Byron Bay, where you can get married before plunging into the water to enjoy a scuba dive! The legal monitum and your vows must be said on board- but you can have a ceremony underwater inclusive of a ring exchange if you wish! As your celebrant, I am also a certified diver.

This activity requires some conditions to be met by those diving- please enquire for more details and a quote!

Sky Diving Marriage

Fly up to 15000 feet with your soul mate. After the experience and adrenaline rush of a tandem jump (don’t worry, both of you will be harnessed to an experienced instructor!), say your vows to each other when you land. Dependent on weather/wind conditions, you could land either on the beach or back at the base, at the drop zone. Once your parachute has opened you will float gently down to the drop zone feeling amazing and ready to say “I DO!” Check out some pics here of the skydiving marriage I did for Ness and Gav!

Horse riding wedding

Horse Riding Marriage

The wonderful folk and their gorgeous horses at Zephyr horses, in conjunction with your Byron Bay celebrant can give you the choice of a forest marriage or a beach marriage whilst riding, or riding to a special place where you can alight to say your vows. No previous riding experience is necessary- you will be well taken care of and paired with a suitable horse. Check out this horse-riding ceremony I did for Clare & Mat!