Heidi Robertson, Byron Bay Celebrant - Vows with a Wow
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Byron Bay Civil Celebrant – Heidi Robertson


I welcome diversity regardless of religion, gender, culture, socio- economics, or food preferences! 


Hi. I’m Heidi and I’m privileged to be a marriage celebrant in Byron Bay authorised by the Attorney-General’s Department. What is the most important aspect of a wedding? Is it your dress/suit; the food; the flowers; where to seat the guests? These decisions are fun and at times, challenging in the lead up to your big day. What ultimately matters, above all else, is the content and delivery of the ceremony itself. The ritual that is the wedding ceremony is loaded with significance and meaning, should reflect who you are, and be wonderful and memorable and uniquely you. Marking an important life event with a unique ceremony can be a powerful force that brings not only the couple, but family and friends together. And of course, it should be FUN.



Your Wedding Ceremony 


Are you thinking traditional? Simple? Eccentric? Like to have your kids involved somehow? Or have a special family member do something within the ceremony but not sure what or how? Want your dog to be the ring bearer? Not at all sure yet what your options are or what you might want to go for? Never fear, I am happy to have a chat and work through it with you, and provide you with lots of options. If you’ve decided to tie the knot with a Byron Bay wedding- congratulations! The North Eastern area of NSW is known for its natural beauty and diversity of both the landscape and the people. The hinterland area has some amazing locations in addition to the myriad of beach locations that you have to choose from. See my ‘packages‘ page for details on which ceremony may suit you- and if there’s something else you have in mind, let me know! Shoot me an email through my contact page or call me on 0404 047 313.


About Heidi Robertson


I’m a 46 year old mum of 2, married to a pretty spectacular man for 14 years now!  I have extensive experience as an Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic both in Australia, and all over the world as part of the medical team for the TV reality show ‘Survivor’. Now, a career as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant has brought my other passions together- a love of public speaking, writing, and the study of ritual and symbolism in society.


Skype interviews available for initial consultation at no cost.


Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant


Pretty much anything goes, from the traditional to the eccentric. When you have confirmed your booking, we will chat to see what kind of ceremony might suit you; then I work on the content of the ceremony until you are 150% happy with it.

ritual inclusions


If you are looking for something a little different, you’ve come to the right place. Get hitched on horseback, take your vows on a kayak with the dolphins, be joined in matrimony in a hot air balloon, or before jumping out of a plane. Even tie the knot underwater on a scuba adventure!

Same Sex Ceremonies


Whether you would like to publicly recognise and celebrate your relationship, or if you are not interested or ready for marriage but want a ‘party with a purpose’ as it is sometimes called- this option could be for you. Let’s discuss to see what suits you!

Byron Bay Celebrant


5 year, 10 year, 20 year, 60 year anniversary? Still going strong? Congratulations! A renewal of vows ceremony is such a lovely way to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other in front of family and friends.

Baby Naming Ceremonies


For those who do not want a religious naming ceremony such as a christening, but would still like to welcome the baby to the circle of family and friends, and celebrate the new addition and the name you have chosen.

Out of the Box Ceremonies


Celebrations: Opening a new business; This Is Your Life (why wait for a eulogy?); house warmings; launching a new boat. Mark a significant life event with a personalised ceremony: divorce; pet burial; lost pregnancy (miscarriage).