Heidi Robertson, Byron Bay Celebrant - Vows with a Wow
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Byron Bay Marriage Celebrant

Heidi Robertson



Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my page- I’m so glad to have you here! A big & heartfelt congratulations to you for your upcoming ceremony! The decision to have your ceremony in or around Byron Bay is one you will not regret. Here in this beautiful spot in the Northern Rivers, we are renowned worldwide for the beauty and diversity of our scenery- from the rainforests to the sprawling, almost-luminescent rolling green pastures, to the world’s best beaches. The diversity doesn’t stop there though- we welcome diversity of people as well. In choosing me as your celebrant, know that I welcome everyone regardless of religion/no religion, gender, culture, or if you are a dog or a cat person (personally I’m all for the doggos- many have been in my ceremonies, but I have yet to have a best man or maid of honour kitty! Perhaps yours will be the first?) 



I’m Heidi, a Byron Bay wedding celebrant and I’m here to help you through the legal process of getting married  stress-free, and ensure you have the wedding you’ve been dreaming of. What an exciting time!


For the past 10 years, I have solemnised multitudes of marriages, each one unique and beautiful, under Australian law through the Attorney-General’s Department.


I have also helped with Renewal of Vows, Baby Namings, and many other ceremonies. I’m a member of the Celebrant SocietyThe Wedding Society,  Byron Bay Weddings, WedShed  and the Byron Bay Events Industry Association.  I’m a married mum of 2 boys and 2 rescue dogs and like hiking, camping, snowboarding, being in the ocean, immersing myself in a good book or movie, and generally just hanging out with family and friends. I believe in the importance of ceremony and ritual to mark important milestones or transitions in life. How you choose to celebrate this event is up to you, and that’s what I’m here to help with!


Your Wedding Ceremony 


You might want a quick elopement on the beach or a wedding with 500 guests at a fancy venue. You might be like Maria and Brendan and get married in tutus in a park with just 2 witnesses who are also in tutus. You might be like Josiah and Noelle, married on the beach in a big heart we all made out of beach rocks on the spur of the moment. Or you might be like Karen and Joanne, hiring out a local hall and inviting everyone in town. Perhaps you have 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen and 200 guests with a five course meal at a resort. Or, perhaps like Vanessa and Gavan, you are going to literally take the leap and skydive, getting married upon landing. These are a few examples of the many varied ceremonies I have been lucky enough to officiate at!


Not at all sure yet what your options are or what you might want to go for? Never fear, I am happy to have a chat and work through it with you, and provide you with lots of options.


In the lead up and planning of your wedding, it can be so easy to forget what it is that is important- this is you, with your partner, the love of your life, standing together in a moment of such meaning and significance and transformation- you are pledging yourselves to each other in front of your loved ones. THIS is the most meaningful part of your day and the rest of it- the decor, the venue, the cake, the outfits- are extras. So keeping that in mind, it makes sense to have a ceremony and choose a celebrant that is going to suit you and deliver something beautiful and memorable for you both. That’s my job, and it’s one I’m passionate about!


Marking an important life event with a unique ceremony can be a powerful force that brings not only the couple, but family and friends together. And of course, it should be FUN. Take a look at my packages here, use the quick enquiry form on the same page to see if your date is available or just call me anytime on 0404047313 for a chat with no obligation.

Thanks again for visiting- I can’t wait to hear your story and be involved in your big day!




Skype interviews available for initial consultation at no cost.


Byron Bay Wedding Celebrant


Pretty much anything goes, from the traditional to the eccentric. When you have confirmed your booking, we will chat to see what kind of ceremony might suit you; then I work on the content of the ceremony until you are 150% happy with it.

ritual inclusions


If you are looking for something a little different, you’ve come to the right place. Get hitched on horseback, take your vows on a kayak with the dolphins, be joined in matrimony in a hot air balloon, or before jumping out of a plane. Even tie the knot underwater on a scuba adventure! 

Same Sex Ceremonies


Whether you would like to publicly recognise and celebrate your relationship, or if you are not interested or ready for marriage but want a ‘party with a purpose’ as it is sometimes called- this option could be for you. Let’s discuss to see what suits you!

Byron Bay Celebrant


5 year, 10 year, 20 year, 60 year anniversary? Still going strong? Congratulations! A renewal of vows ceremony is such a lovely way to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other in front of family and friends.

Baby Naming Ceremonies


For those who do not want a religious naming ceremony such as a christening, but would still like to welcome the baby to the circle of family and friends, and celebrate the new addition and the name you have chosen.

Out of the Box Ceremonies


Celebrations: Opening a new business; This Is Your Life (why wait for a eulogy?); house warmings; launching a new boat. Mark a significant life event with a personalised ceremony: divorce; pet burial; lost pregnancy (miscarriage).