Married at First Sight weddings

People tend to fall into one of 2 camps when it comes to Married at First Sight.  They either love it with a passion and become quite invested in the participants’ marriages. Or they hate it/are ambivalent about it. Either because they dislike reality TV in general, or because they don’t like the premise of the show.

Which camp do you fall into?

I first watched MAFS just this year. And that was because I happened to know one of the participants on the show, the delightful Lucinda Light. So I thought I’d give it a whirl. And oh boy, did I get sucked down a rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland 🙂
It was captivating in a kind of ‘can’t look away from the train wreck’ way. (As a side note, Lucinda was a breath of fresh air to watch).

In case you aren’t aware of the whole Married at First Sight phenomenon, it is a reality TV show described as a social experiment. A panel of 3 ‘experts’ match 2 people who then ‘get married’ when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. People are matched according to their shared values, interests, and personalities. They do not enter into a legal marriage- but they do wear full wedding gear, have a non-legally binding wedding ceremony, followed by a reception where family members and friends of each of the couple get the opportunity to grill the new match.

Then, the couples are sent on a honeymoon. THEN, they attend dinner parties all together where they get to see how their relationships stack up against everyone else’s. It also gives them an opportunity to see how their new spouse interacts within a social setting. Add a whole lot of free booze and you can imagine that these evenings can bring out the worst in some people!

Along the way, they also have to attend commitment ceremonies where they sit on the couch in front of their peers and the experts. Each of them have to write ‘stay’ or ‘leave’ on a piece of paper which they must reveal once they’ve had a debrief about their relationship. Neither of them know what the other has written until the big reveal.

It goes on like this for a number of weeks with the cameras everywhere, capturing the arguments, the loved up moments, the break ups, and the affairs. The experts weigh in with advice each week on how they can improve their relationships.

In the end, there’s the ‘final vows’. Couples separate for about a week. They go home and contemplate whether or not they want to carry their relationship on in the real world. Then they get all dressed up again, and they walk in slooooow motion through a forest or a field to their waiting partner while their voice overs take us through their innermost thoughts, fluctuating between being absolutely certain they want this person in their lives, and their many doubts about the possibility of a future with this person.

If you compare Season 1 with the latest season (11), there’s massive differences. For example, the production budget has clearly increased substantially. It’s a much slicker production than it was at the beginning. The couples have also changed. In the beginning, couples didn’t really focus on what fashion labels everyone was wearing. They didn’t go on the show to promote their new business venture/podcast/influencer account on Instagram. They were everyday, normal couples who were looking for an opportunity to find love. These days, it’s pretty clear early on in the season who is there for genuine reasons and who is there for their 15 minutes of fame.

Whatever you think of MAFS, there’s no denying that the wedding ceremony stylings for each couple are beyond amazing. They are a real testament to the skill of the people involved- the designers, florists, coordinators etc.

Coming soon- a rundown of the 2024 ceremony spaces!

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