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Group Vows

Group vow during civil ceremony

Group Vows

What’s a group vow anyway?

Great question! Read on to see if a group vow might be something you want included in the ceremony I write for you! In civil ceremonies, there aren’t a whole lot of rules.

There’s the legal requirements that have to be met to ensure a legally valid marriage is the result at the end of the day. (Covered in detail here)

If you were to JUST have the legal components of the ceremony, it would be over within about 5 minutes. There are other elements, therefore, that are ‘traditional’ (eg the couple’s story being told, the ring exchange, personal vows, processional, recessional) and extras that you may or may not have heard of. One of these is the ‘group vow’.

A group vow is exactly what the name implies. It’s a vow from the guests to the couple, facilitated by the celebrant. It can be done as a ‘repeat after me’ or simply a sentence by the celebrant followed by a resounding “WE DO!” from the guests.


Group vow during civil ceremony

Group Vow for Ally and Alistair, captured by Konrad from Tropical Romance


I often include this in my ceremonies, if it is going to be appropriate to the couple.

The benefits: it is a way for your guests to be actively included within the ceremony; it can reduce your anxiety in relation to saying your personal vows- (what better way to reassure you that everyone loves you and is cheering you on than prefacing the personal vows with a group vow?) and as seen in the above photo at Ally and Alistair’s ceremony recently at Midgninbil resort, it brings a smile to everyone’s faces and makes for great photos!


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