Nutting Hill Villa Wedding!

Kristie and Brett may have had a small wedding, but there were all the big feelings! A Nutting Hill Villa wedding in Clunes, Northern NSW, is spectacular as a ceremony, reception and accommodation venue all in one.

This is the first wedding I’ve done as a celebrant where the bride and groom presented kitchen utensils to each other.  Without each other knowing that was going to happen! This was during the personal vows they had written for each other- demonstrating that in a Civil Ceremony, we can tailor it to however you want it! They also had a friend be ‘flower man’.  He walked down the aisle scattering petals from his bumbag whilst also handing out a cold beer to each of the guests as he went. 🙂 It was such a hoot, and the whole ceremony just perfectly reflected Kristie and Brett’s wonderful, happy, fun personalities.

Enjoy these wonderful photos by Sean Reefman.

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