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Why you should have me as both celebrant & MC!

Heidi Robertson, celebrant and MC

Why you should have me as both celebrant & MC!

Heidi robertson, celebrant and MC

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You’ve thought about your celebrant, but what about your MC? Thinking of getting Aunty Doris to be your MC for the reception? Or your best man/maid of honour?

That’s perfect if they have the knowledge and experience- but if they don’t, here’s 7 reasons why you should choose me as both your celebrant AND MC!


  1. Public speaking is on many people’s list of greatest fears in life. (fun fact- it has a name, ‘glossophobia‘). Ideally, you want an MC who is confident in the role so you can let your guests relax and not have to stress about hosting your reception.
  2. There is nothing worse than listening to a host throughout the night who has had one too many cocktails. Let your guests imbibe and be happy. I will not be drinking alcohol!
  3. I will also not be waving the microphone around randomly, creating feedback, speaking too softly/shouting into the mic, and will not be sitting on the toilet when the cake cutting is due to begin.
  4. I know how to liaise with the venue staff, photographers, videographers, DJs, speakers, etc and what is important in terms of timing and keeping everything to schedule.
  5. Your venue will thank you for having a professional MC! So will your photographer, for ensuring they are kept informed of when the important moments are about to happen. Most of all, so will the caterers.
  6. I can coach your speakers on how and where to stand and mic technique prior, AND part of my MC service is providing a document to all your speakers on how to give a killer speech.
  7. Having someone to remain calm and troubleshoot if any issues arise (bonus- I’m a former Paramedic in case of medical emergencies!)


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