Collaboration video- real wedding!

Real wedding video!

I was thrilled when I was approached to star in this short video.  I was filmed both in my own home, and conducting a real wedding for one of my couples.

The video promotes a software system I used at the start of my celebrant career. But it also gives my potential future couples a bit more insight into who I am. I hope you enjoy it!

I have worked alongside many other couples who have engaged the services of a videographer. They use one in conjunction with a wedding photographer on the day. They are never regretful about this decision. It’s capturing one of the biggest, most emotional and transitional moments of their lives. Having this done by a professional is well worth the financial outlay.

If you are after recommendations for professional videographers please just ask me and I’d be happy to give you a list!

Regarding the actual wedding. It took place on Wategos beach on an early winter’s morning. The bride and groom requested all guests (and myself!) to wear white. An ‘all white’ dress code for weddings is becoming quite popular and looks stunning.  The ceremony was a short, sweet, beautifully emotional moment with just a handful of friends and family present to witness this very happy moment!

If you would like to book me as your celebrant or just have an initial chat about the process, please get in touch here!

To get more info on the marriage process from the Attorney General’s website, see here.

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