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Jenna & Tom

  • Byron Bay elopement

Jenna & Tom

Jenna and Tom elope to Byron Bay.

The Couple:

Jenna is a Marketing executive, and Tom, an Environment Officer. They live in Manchester, England. Not wanting a big fuss for their wedding day, they just wanted to elope to Byron Bay and seal the deal in a lovely intimate ceremony. They certainly achieved that!

The Ceremony:

Jenna and Tom chose to have a garden wedding with an arbour and candles lighting up the aisle. They also included a sand ceremony as part of their marriage ceremony. They each held a container of sand, representing their individual selves. Then, the sand was poured into a single glass jar. This mixing together of the sand particles symbolised their union as one. They remain strong, independent individuals who are now entwined and joined, sharing the same space and committed to their promises to each other. The glass jar will be kept forever, somewhere in their house in the UK where they can see it every day. It will serve both as a momento of the day, and a reminder of the happiness and love they felt for each other should they go through any difficult times. A truly lovely ceremony. Congratulations Jenna and Tom!
Photography: carlytia.com