About Heidi

Hi Future Newlyweds!

From ambulance paramedic to marriage celebrant – I’ve always been a calming, kind, confident person wanting to help people through their significant life moments! I bring years of expertise, confidence, nurturing and calm to your day, blended with lots of fun and giggles.  I’d be so happy to be both your rock and your third wheel on the happiest day of your lives!

I’m lucky enough to be married to my best friend, Rob. We met, of all places, in the Amazon jungle (ask me more about that- it’s a great story!) We have two teenage boys that are gorgeous, excellent human beings. We are devoted paw-rents to two rescue dogs. As a family we have done a lap around Australia in a caravan; we love to snowboard, be in the surf, and seek out new adventures so that we squeeze every bit of goodness out of life together.

Three Facts About Heidi

I used to work on the American TV reality show ‘Survivor’ as a medic for the contestants and crew!

I’m a scuba diver, a snowboarder, and I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane 5 times!

I try, but fail dismally, at not eating too much salted caramel ice-cream.

Your Wedding Ceremony Style

What I provide to you on the day is a highly personalised ceremony delivered in a story-telling style that gives you and your guests a fun, happy trip back down memory lane. We see how it is we’ve all ended up here today about to see you seal the deal and put a ring on it!

There may be laughs, there may be some ugly crying, but what I can promise you is that there will be no generic words about the meaning of marriage (except the legal bits that we must do!)

Every other word is focused on the wonderful thing that you have found with each other and the fantastic individuals that you are, and that your guests know and love so much.

Then, let me carry this feeling and energy on through to your reception as your MC!

Heidi’s Wedding Services