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The Ceremony- It’s Important!

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The Ceremony- It’s Important!


What do you see when you imagine your wedding day?


It is a momentous occasion. From elopements in Byron Bay to big weddings with all the trimmings, this moment is yours, and it’s worthwhile- imperative even- that you spend the time working out what you want (and just as importantly, what you don’t want!) and that you feel comfortable in communicating that to your celebrant. You turn up to your wedding day a single person, and you leave as a married one. That is a transformative thing. A day you and your guests will remember forever.


You may have spent a long time planning for this day. From the dress/suit/other you will be wearing, to the attire of your wedding party; to the flowers adorning the venue; to the music that will be playing.


Then there is the food, the wine, the desserts, the bonbonniere, the photographs, the cake. Maybe even the transport to take you there and whisk you away afterward.


In amongst all the planning, don’t forget about the ceremony content!


Pledging yourselves to each other in front of the most important people in the world to you is something profoundly significant. The words said during the ceremony by the celebrant and by yourselves are meaningful. This is what evokes memories and emotions. This is what makes you and your guests say years afterward- ‘remember how amazing X & X’s ceremony was?’


Have a think about what it is that is important for you- the meaning you want to convey, the feeling, and the overall vibe.


The more you communicate with your celebrant about these things, the more your celebrant will be able to craft a ceremony that (figuratively!) blows you, and your guests away!


Weddings that go on for a very long time and have the same stock standard content are not really special or memorable. So make sure you are actively involved in the process. Trust me, your celebrant will be so happy that you are taking an interest in what is going to be said and they can give you all sorts of guidance and come up with something truly amazing if you let them.


Don’t worry if you aren’t sure yet about what you want as far as ceremony content goes. It’s part of my job to help you work it out and commit myself 100% to nailing it for you.


Your family and friends will be emotional- smiling, crying, and happy. You will be able to physically feel the love emanating from their hearts into yours. It is going to be marvelous, exciting, and joyful. Now let’s make this happen!


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