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Eliza & Xander

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Eliza & Xander

Eliza and Xander ‘clicked’ very quickly after they first met. They found in each other a similar humour, similar interests, and a love of intellectual discourse and meaningful conversation. Their ease and obvious respect for each other was both beautiful and touching to see. The love they had for each other as they said their vows was clearly visible to their family and friends; a truly special moment.


The gorgeous Casa Ciani property at Crabbes Creek, Northern NSW, was the location for Eliza and Xander’s wedding. The weather was a little overcast and there were a few light showers here and there, but it actually added to the beauty of the surroundings and as you can see, the photos are absolutely amazing. Guests were treated to the couple walking through the paddock together, as opposed to the ‘traditional’ bride walking up to the groom. There was a stunning arbour awaiting them, and it was here that they pledged their love and commitment to each other and became husband and wife.

After the ceremony, guests walked back to a marquee on the property for the reception, whilst the newly hitched couple had some photos taken- some of the most breath-taking photos I have seen! The photographer capturing these moments was Van Middleton and there are a selection of both colour and black and white pictures.

A few days prior, the couple had a gathering of family and friends at the iconic Crystal Castle, where they also had some pre-wedding shots amongst the bamboo and crystals that this place is renowned for.

If you are looking for some Northern NSW hinterland wedding inspiration, this wedding had it all!

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